Thursday, May 19, 2011

surtex 2011 << my booth

hello there! i'm back from surtex, i got a nice night of sleep last night in my own bed, and i'm feeling much more refreshed and ready to prep for renegade craft fair this weekend. i got to meet so many wonderful people at surtex! some i knew previously from the online design world and some were people who knew my work and gave me the nicest feedback. i made a lot of contacts, met a lot of buyers, and now it's on to the follow-up portion!

below are some photos of my booth display. i (and my two part time assistants) worked so hard to bring it all together so actually seeing it in front of me was surreal.


me in my booth. this was the first day when i had two of my banners in the wrong spot and one of them upside down. ooops!


this is the booth the second day with my banner issues fixed. what can i say? i was tired.


these are my fabulous business card holders sewn by my wonderful assistant whitney.


these are my custom keds. get a pair with your own design from!


my portfolios


my table


new pillow + journals + tea towels


my press kit and mood boards


my shelf


my yoga mat! i can't wait to actually use it.

i'm off now to prep for renegade and send some follow up emails. thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my booth and thanks to my friends, family, husband, and wonderful design assistants for all of your help! i couldn't have done it without you.


Barbra said...

OMG you did a bang-up job! Look at all that gorgeous pattern and print. Love the shoes! So excited for you, Leah! BTW ~ I couldn't see anything wrong with your banner. (Perhaps I am tired today?)

Hope said...

Your booth is phenomenal!! Can I have one of everything, please?

Kristin said...

Yay, you did it! I know you're relieved that it's done. So, is a move to NYC in your future?

megan lane said...

oh my goodness, your booth looks absolutely beautiful!! you did an amazing job putting this together. all the prints are beyond lovely. you are so talented girl!!

June rhymes with moon said...

amazing! that is really cool and I think you are one of the cool kids now for sure :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Wow your booth looked great!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

wow Leah, it looks amazing. must feel good to stand with all your beautiful products ~ such a big achievement.

nana said...

so proud of you: nana

Ali said...

Your booth was awesome! I want those shoes!

melissa loves said...

Ok...first of all, I just left a fawning & love filled message on your flickr page & THEN came over to read the description of your booth. I can't help it, I have to leave ANOTHER fawning message over here too! It is just GORGEOUS hun & I am crazy for everything in it! That pink fabric! Those keds ( I want keds with one of your designs on them, pretty please?) and the pillows! and the mat! I basically would like anything with your designs on it...sigh. LOVE!

freshlychopped said...

barbra - thanks! it's the two banners on the right side. they were supposed to be in opposite spots and the floral one was upside down. to be fair i was probably the only one that noticed, but you know how it is if you know it's wrong!

hope - thanks! if someone licenses everything, yes. fingers crossed. ; )

kristin - we're still 50/50. didn't really help the decision at all!

megan - thank you so much!

janelle - thank you! i've never really been one of the cool kids so i'm not sure how good i'll be at it. : )

tamara - thank you so much!

belinda - thanks you! and thanks for the comment on p and p. : )

nana - thank you!

ali - thank you! if only keds would pick the up and distribute them.

melis - thank you so much! here's hoping a lot of those get picked up by someone! thanks for bringing a big smile to my face. : )

Stephanie Ryan said...

It was great meeting you at Surtex! Your booth was amazing, congratulations!

(i'm the bog stalker : )

fruzsi said...

Wow! everything looks absolutely amazing! I only wish these markets weren't so far from Australia. Amazing job Leah!!

handmade romance said...

congratulations. i love your work. your stand looks fabulous. so colourful and full of amazing things. x


your booth looked so wonderful, congratulations on a first show well done!

Laurel said...
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Laurel said...

Hi Leah, visited your booth at Renegade and it was one of my favorites. You made my "best of" on my blog:

Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your creations around Austin!


freshlychopped said...

great to meet you too stephanie! : )

thanks fruzsi! so great to catch up with you! : )

hr - thank you! : )

samantha - thank you! : )

laurel - thanks so much for stopping by my renegade booth and thanks for the post! glad you enjoyed the show. : )

b_maria_why said...

hey i think your stuff is fabulous--i love the graphic playfulness of your prints. :) great blog!

hello my dear said...

I saw your gorgeous booth over on the "oh so beautiful paper" blog and fell in LOVE. Your work is amazing. I'm planning on spending the rest of the morning pouring over your archives. Such beautiful things! xo sarah

lissa snapp said...

Ij ust stumbled upon your lovely shop on Etsy and then found your Blog, I love your stuff and your display at your stand is beautiful! love your all your colors!

freshlychopped said...

maria, sarah, and lissa - thanks for stopping by - it's very nice to meet you all!

chelsea lee said...

wow! what a beautiful booth! I am totally in love with that blue mountain fabric!! I'm hoping you get it all picked up!!

Heather said...

I really am excited to see your work! You are such an inspiration and it must be so great to have your own yoga mat! So cool.

freshlychopped said...

thanks you guys! and thanks for stopping by! : )

smorgan said...

Is there some way to buy an image from you to use for the custom Keds?? I love them!

freshlychopped said...

thanks! unfortunately not at this point since it's available for licensing, but i'll let you know if it becomes a possibility. : )

tammie said...

ACK!! so, so awesome. are you doing surtex again this year? was it successful for you? (how could it NOT be with your gorgeous work!?)
i'm thinking of showing next year and would love to hear feedback/advice!