Wednesday, October 2, 2013

sewing tutorial << dinner for tule!



hi guys! now that i have several fabric collections in the works with art gallery you'll be seeing sewing tutorials from me which will be posted here as well as on their blog (which has tons of other amazing tutorials). i'm starting with one that is easy as pie - a dinner for tule reversible napkin tutorial!

if you're like me just having the time to sit down and sew is a battle. i'm always looking for quick and easy sewing projects and napkins are a go-to favorite. they're cute and spruce up my table even if it's just myself and chris sitting down for dinner. you'll be able to complete this set of 4 reversible striped napkins in 1-2 hours tops.

what you will need:

for 4 finished napkins

- two 17" x 17" squares of flora's oasis rosa
- two 17" x17" squares of native fringe solar
- one 17" x 40" rectangle of folklore sunray
- one 17" x 40" rectangle of sand dunes golden
- coordinating thread



- cut (16) 2.5" x 17" strips of folklore sunray
- cut (16) 2.5" x 17" strips of sand dunes golden


1. sew together each piece of folklore sunray and sand dunes golden using 1/4 inch seam allowance. press seams to sand dunes golden. you want to press to the darker fabric.


2. sew together your new pieces of folklore sunray and sand dunes golden using 1/4 in seam allowance. press seams to sand dunes golden.


3. repeat by sewing these pieces together. press seams. you'll have 4 finished 17" squares with 4 strips of each fabric.


3. place one piece of your 17" x 17" backing fabric (in this case flora's oasis rosa or native fringe solar) upside down. place one of your striped pieces on top with print side facing up. fold over your backing fabric about a half an inch and press down. fold the same side again about a half an inch, press, and pin.

4. do the same for the remaining sides.

5. sew each side using your sewing machine and be sure to tuck in any raw edges.

6. repeat for the rest of your napkins! 


easy as pie and you'll be saving a few trees in the process with your cloth napkins! display either side of the napkin depending on your table setting or the occasion.


Jenni Birchwood said...

Great tutorial and stunning fabrics!

Rikki Rivera said...

Love this!! And the fabric is always so lovely.

Estela said...

They look great, makes the food look yummy too!